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Adam Flesner Pre-Workout Fruit Punch 25 serv

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The Get Strong AF Preworkout will help you take your workouts to the next level! It provides next level energy and focus. It is a high performance formula that delivers a pump, focus, and energy. Fruit punch flavor. More flavors to come in the future.


25 servings per tub this is a one scoop preworkout so 25 servings is a good number.

Strength & Endurance: 2500mg betaine, 3200mg beta alanine, and 2mg yohimbine per serving

Energy & Mood: 300mg caffeine from Green Tea Extract (98% Caffeine), 50mg higenamine, 50mg theophylline, 25mg hordenine, and 30mg isopropylnorsynephrine

Focus & Nootropics: 100mcg Huperzine A, 100mg theobromine, 150mg l theanine, 500mg choline, 1500mg l tyrosine

Pump: 6000mg l citrulline, 200mg sodium, 75mg l norvaline, 500mg beet root extract, 1000mg agmatine sulfate, 1000mg hydromax

As you can see, this preworkout is Loaded and has no proprietary blends.


The Get Strong AF Supplements Preworkout is for beginners and advanced users alike. Beginners can start with half a scoop and won't be stimmed out of their minds, and with half a scoop you're getting 50 servings! Those stim junkies on the other hand would feel this product with a full scoop. Most preworkouts contain 10-12 grams per serving, but this product is loaded with 21.6 grams per serving. We wanted everything in this that we could possibly want in a preworkout. And the best part is the taste is actually quite satisfying. It was difficult to flavor with so many ingredients, but we finally nailed it. 

If you are feeling run down and demotivated, this product could help you.