define[yourself] transformation challenge

We're giving away $3,000!

1 challenge, 2 winners, $1,500 each!

This is a Transformation Challenge, NOT a Weight Loss Challenge. We are looking for people that want to make a change in the way they look, not just on the scale.
Participants will Receive:

-Challenge Handbook and Foods list

-Free Custom Meal Plan and Coaching from a Certified Nutrition Coach

-Free Training Plan from a Certified Personal Trainer

-Weekly Check-in Emails and Newsletters

-Support from the Entire Team via Facebook Group and Email


The Rules:
-Purchase the [oxidate] or [vigor] between December 26th & January  31st
-Send in your Before Pictures by January 31st
*must be holding [oxidate] or [vigor] Box in picture
*send to
-Make your Transformation in 8-12 Weeks
-Send in your After Pictures by March 31st
*must be holding [oxidate] or [vigor] Box in picture
*send to

The Guidelines:

-Submit Front, Side, and Back pictures holding box
-Keep Before and After Pictures as Consistent as Possible
*ex. posture, clothing, lighting, background, etc.
*inconsistencies will take credit away from your actual transformation
-Winners will be picked purely based off of Aesthetics

We will be here along the way to help you do the best you can in this challenge. We will work with you individually, provide you meal plans and diet advice, hold you accountable and give you the motivation you need to make the best transformation you can.
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Some Previous 8-12 Week Challenge Winners


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